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Admission of foreign students

Recognition or equivalence of foreign Undergraduate and Master´s Degree Qualifications

     Recognition is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

      The full recognition of foreign qualifications can only be requested for Undergraduate and Master’s degrees which qualify their holders for regulated professions (Industrial engineering, Agricultural engineering, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Teaching, etc.), allowing them to work in these professions in the same conditions as the holders of the relevant Spanish qualifications.

      A statement of comparability to an academic qualification or level can be requested for all other foreign Undergraduate and Master’s degrees. Qualifications may be declared comparable to a qualification (qualifications included in branches of knowledge and specific fields) or to the general academic level of an Undergraduate or Master’s degree. Comparability to a qualification entitles the holder to all the rights conferred by a Spanish qualification in the educational area or field to which it is declared comparable, except those professional entitlements only conferred by qualifications eligible for full recognition.  

Neither recognition nor comparability imply the possession of any other academic qualification or level included in the Spanish Education System.    


       Application for recognition
        - Application for statement of equivalence

Applications can be made in Pamplona at the Alta Inspección de Educación (Education Inspectorate) in the Delegación del Gobierno (State Government Offices) (Plaza de las Merindades, Telephone ++948 979360).


The Ministry’s resolution may: 

     A- Recognise a qualification as equal to one of the Spanish Undergraduate or Master’s degrees which entitle holders to work in those regulated professions which require a specific official university qualification.

     B- State that a qualification is equivalent: 
           - to a qualification in one of the areas or fields into which official Spanish university qualifications are grouped
           - to the level of a Spanish Undergraduate or Master’s degree.

     C- Deny recognition or comparability. In this case, see if you can apply for an Undergraduate degree course at the Public University of Navarre.

     D- Grant recognition conditional on previously meeting additional educational requirements in order to be entitled to work in one of the regulated professions which require specific official university qualifications or to take a Master’s degree course to qualify for such professions.

You can enrol in a tutored course or take an aptitude test at the Public University of Navarre in order to meet the educational requirements needed to gain full recognition of an Undergraduate degree by presenting the following documents in the Undergraduate Degree office:  

       - Request form
       - Photocopy of your ID document
       - Photocopy of the Resolution of the Ministry
       - Proof of payment.

The aptitude test costs €167.57
The price of the tutored courses is calculated as follows: number of credits x price of credit + administration fees.

You can register for aptitude tests until 18 December 2015.
You can register for tutored courses: until 12 June 2015. 2% of places are reserved for students who wish to take tutored courses (Undergraduate).   

 Admission: 26 June. 


The resolution of such applications is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The regulations valid at the time of application are applied.

The Ministry’s resolution may:
   -- deny recognition
   -- or grant recognition conditional on passing certain additional educational requirements. In this case, students should contact the relevant School or Faculty to apply to take a supplementary examination or a tutored course.


Present the following documents in the Public University of Navarre’s Undergraduate Degree office to register for a tutored course or to take an aptitude test:

       - Request form
       - Photocopy of your ID document
       - Photocopy of the Resolution of the Ministry
       - Proof of payment. Price: €167.57 (Except tutored course = number of credits x price of credit + administration fees). Method of payment

See dates.

Universities must adapt the educational requirements specified in the resolution to the subjects taught at the university regardless of whether the study programme to which equivalence is sought is still taught at the university.