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Entry requirements

In order to apply for PhD-level studies, you need an official Spanish first degree qualification (or equivalent) and a Master’s degree.

Students who satisfy any of the following conditions may also apply for PhD-level studies (Rules governing PhD-level studies at the UPNA):

1. Possession of an official Spanish university qualification or one from another country in the European Higher Education Area which makes the student eligible for Master’s degree-level studies with more than 300 ECTS credits earned from official university studies, of which at least 60 have been earned from Master’s degree-level studies.

2. An official Spanish first degree qualification with at least 300 ECTS credits. These graduates must take complementary courses, unless their degree qualifications include research training credits equivalent to those research credits earned from Master’s degree-level studies.

3. University graduates who, having previously secured a training place through the relevant specialised health training entrance test, have successfully completed at least two years of training in a programme for an official qualification in one of the Health Science specialities.

4. Possession of a foreign qualification without need for it to be officially recognised provided that the university has previously checked that the qualification indicates a level of preparation equivalent to that of an official Master’s degree and entitles the applicant access to PhD-level studies in the country issuing the qualification. Acceptance does not imply official recognition of the previous qualification held by the applicant or recognition for any other purposes than entry to PhD-level studies.

5. 2nd-cycle degree graduates (licenciatura), architects and engineers in possession of an Advanced Studies Diploma obtained in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 778/1998 or who have obtained Research Sufficiency as regulated in Royal Decree RD 185/1985.

6. Possession of another Spanish PhD qualification obtained in accordance with previous university regulations.

7. 2nd-cycle degree graduates (licenciatura), Architects, Engineers, 1st-cycle degree graduates (diploma), Technical Architects and Technical Engineers who, from all their official university studies, have earned more than 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 have been earned from Master’s degree-level studies. Agreement

N.B. Higher engineering and architectural studies are not considered equivalent to Master’s degrees. Consequently, those holding such qualifications must prove that they have more than 60 Master’s degree-level ECTS credits in order to be eligible for PhD-level studies.

Specific entry criteria:

In addition to the general requirements, the Academic Committee for each programme may establish specific entry requirements and require specific complementary courses, which can be consulted on the page for the programme in question.