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UpnaLab: Makers


"I study and I forget,

I play and I remember,

I Make and I understand." - Confucious (variation).

UpnaLab is a Maker Club which encourages the collaboration between students from multiple disciplines in hands-on projects; projects which combine electronics, programming, pedagogy, fabrication or art.

It is based on Open Software, Hardware and Science. We use open technologies and release our most interesting projects.

The subject counts as 3 ETCs. It can be taken multiple times across the degree. It will be tought in English since international students are encouraged to take part in this activity. It is a good oportunity to practice your English in a real scenario.

It is divided into 5 main parts:

- Introduction to the Maker culture

- Basic Skills: 3D-printing, Arduino, Electronics, Lasercutting, Computer Vision, 3D graphics, Woodworking

- Creation and selection of projects

- Development of the projects

- Exhibitions

Apart from the designated time, the students can come to work when the tutors are around: A locker for storing the projects and materials are provided.

Some example projects that can be created in a Maker Club: A prosthetic arm, a musical tesla coil, a wooden guitar to learn the scales, a self-balancing robot to travel along the campus, 3D printed platonic solids, lasercut planetarium, Magnetic Levitation Plants, Laser TV…

Projects will be judged based on coolnes, novelty or usefulness.

- Creating a Maker project and working collaboratively inside a multidisciplinary team.

- Contributing to the Maker movement by publishing the project and taking part in exhibitions.

- Getting familiar with some Maker Skills: 2D design for laser cutting, 3D design for 3D-printing, Electronics (Arduino, motors, leds, sensors and communications), 3D graphics, Computer vision and signal processing.