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Visual corporate identity

The logo

Logotipo de la Universidad Pública de Navarra

The logo of the Public University of Navarre consists of its acronym, "upna", in lower-case letters in the so-called “foral” red of Navarre: Pantone 485C.

On the occasion of the university's 30th anniversary, the layout of the logo has been updated to make it readily scannable and form an even, balanced masthead. In a systematic, orderly and visual manner, the 30 is at the top so that the message can be decoded quickly and to make application to different media and material simple and clean. The year in which the university was founded and the current year appear on a second plane.

The typeface still consists of the Helvetica font family, but a more stylized version, and the entire logo is in the same colour. The same typeface is used for the legend “Universidad Pública de Navarra", which appears in Spanish and Basque.

The Corporate Identity Manual includes the specifications of the logotype, authorised colours, typefaces, position and format on stationery, Web pages, PowerPoint and signs, among other media. The manual also explains how the logo should be used on objects such as calendars, carrier bags, garments, music sleeves and stamps. The requirements for use of the corporate graphic identity are also specified for external and internal campus signposting, vehicles, gates, etc.

Download the official UPNA logo

The logo must be preferebly used in red colour. If the background has its own colour, the logo of the Public University of Navarre can be used in white colour

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