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Vice chancellors

Vice-rector of University Awareness and Institutional Relations

Eloísa Ramírez Vaquero

Telephone: +34 948 16 8462
Fax: +34 948 16 9005
E-mail: vicerrectorado.proyeccionuniversitaria@unavarra.es


Eloísa Ramírez VaqueroFull Professor of Mediaeval History at the Public University of Navarre, she was Head of the Geography and History Department, and Academic Head of the “History, Space and Heritage” Master’s degree course.

She forms part of a range of work and journal advisory committees, including the one for the Mediaeval Studies Week in Estella, of which she is secretary. She teaches and performs research work at the university, basically focussing on the High and Late Middle Ages.

Her interests include subjects related to the social sectors, the urban world, royal finances and wealth, the consolidation of the monarchy’s means of management and power, and different matters related to other aspects of the mediaeval history of the Kingdom of Navarre, which find expression in projects, works, colloquiums and collections of academic research, not to mention different types of documentary publication.

Alongside her strictly academic work, she also frequently collaborates, both individually and as part of groups, in other types of work and activity of a more general and informative nature aimed at the general public.

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