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University ombudsperson

University Ombudsperson

Inmaculada Lizasoain Iriso

Inmaculada Lizasoain Iriso is a tenured lecturer of the Algebra Area within the Statistics, IT and Mathematics Department. She holds a degree in Mathematics by University of Zaragoza and a PhD in Mathematics by Public University of Navarra.

Most of her teaching activity has been developed in the Higher Technical School of Industrial and ICT Engineering, although in the last few years she has moved on to teaching subjects belonging to Didactics of Mathematics in the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational sciences.

Her research work, gathered in numerous scientific publications, focuses on the Algebra area, both in the development of group theory and its applications on the Artificial Intelligence field. She has taken part in different research projects funded by public entities. In the academic management area, she has been director of the old Mathematics Department of Public University of Navarra.

She is currently in charge of coordinating the European project ANFoMAM, "Learn from children to train teachers in the area of mathematics", funded by Erasmus+ programme of Strategic Associations for Educational Innovation, in which UPNA takes part, among other European universities.


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