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Pamplona Campus

Sculptures and art collection

In an attempt at uniting art and vegetation, numerous sculptures are spread out over the campus, such as “Encounter”, by Clemente Ochoa, which presides the Library esplanade, “Broken sphere”, by Faustino Aizkorbe, which adorns the Rector’s Office area, “Partition of the space by the opposition of two dihedrals”, which Jorge Oteiza dedicated to his friend Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, and “Doctor Martín de Azpilcueta”, by Néstor Basterretxea.

The Public University of Navarre currently has an art collection consisting of more than one hundred works. The starting point for the creation of this collection was the drawing which Rafael Alberti drew –one of his popular doves– when the University invited the poet to Pamplona for a season of conferences in April 1990. The University, however, did not seriously get its art collection under way until 1993. The works of art are located indoors in offices, conference rooms, the Library Reading Room and the Canteen building, while others are spread out over the campus.

Sculptures on the Campus

  • "Spot of light and balance" (rotating sculpture of Angola granite). José Ramón Anda (1979-2003).
  • "Circle of sport" (iron). Josep Blasco i Canet (2004).
  • "Navarrese doctor. Tribute to Martín de Azpilicueta" (steel). Néstor Basterretxea (2003).
  • "Empathy II" (bronze). Henriette Boutens van Uden (1997).
  • "Encounter" (bronze). Clemente Ochoa (1997).
  • "Broken sphere" (weathering or corten steel). Faustino Aizkorbe (1997).
  • "Getaway" (aluminium). Javier Muro (1997).
  • "Tribute to Sáenz de Oiza. Partition of the space by the opposition of two dihedrals" (weathering or corten steel). Faustino Aizkorbe (1997).
  • "The bow of the poetry. Tribute to Joan Brossa" (weathering or corten steel). Ricardo Ugarte (1999).
  • "Pace of life" (bronze). Henri Lenaerts (1959).

Sculptures in buildings

  • "Icarus" (copper). Dora Salazar (2002). Located in the Rector's Building.
  • "King Theobald" (stone and iron). Antonio Eslava (1995). Located in the Library Reading Room.

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