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DELE preparation workshops

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The preparation workshops for DELE exams (levels B and C), for which the Centro Superior de Idiomas is an official examination centre, are four-hour workshops aimed at familiarizing students with the structure of the DELE exam, learning applicable strategies and doing sample exam exercises. Particular emphasise will be given to common problems and difficulties which students may encounter.

This four hour workshop is held prior to the corresponding official exam.

International exchange programme students studying at the Public University of Navarre in the academic year 2016/2017 are eligible for a 100% subsidy on tuition fees for the DELE workshops. Students pay the entire fee upon registration done online and then receive the 100% subsidy upon successful completion of the course.


Aimed at

These courses are designed for those who intend to take one of the forthcoming examinations. The workshops focus on the structure of the exam and developing the relevant skills through practise and mock exams.


Calendar and timetables

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Admission process

No level test is required.

Register via the following link: Centro Superior de Idiomas registration websiste

1. Students of the Centro Superior de Idiomas: candidates will enter the "Quiero matricularme en el siguiente nivel" button, since they already have a level registered.

2. Non-students of the Centro Superior de Idiomas: candidates will enter the "No tengo conocimientos previos" button, as it's not necessary to certify any level in order to take this course.



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 22 €  -  51 € 56 €