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Spanish Study Abroad Program

  • Intensive course


This is a 90-hour course (75 class hours and 15 hours of self-study in the resource centre). Students will actively participate within a Spanish environment, whereby they will be exposed to and learn about its culture and traditions. The course focuses on both linguistic and socio-cultural aspects of Spanish and provides students with an overview on both the language and culture.

By combining the two areas of knowledge, the course will provide students with an intermediate level of linguistic skill which will enable communicative competency in the country. They will reach a level which will enable students to continue their studies at the UPNA or any other Spanish university if they so wish.

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Aimed at

This course is for students with an intermediate level (equivalent to a Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) who wish to learn more about the Spanish language and improve their language skills.



Course fee 875€
Housing on a 2 people shared room on an off campus dormitory (optional) 420€
Housing on an individual room on and off campus dormitory (optional) 540€

 Course timetable: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:30 with a 30' break.


Admission process 

1. Fill out this pre-registration form.

2. Send the form to centro.idiomas@unavarra.es and we will contact you with instructions for the online registration.


If you don't know your current level of Spanish, the Instituto Cervantes provides you with this online placement test.