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How to get Pamplona

Pamplona is communicated by plane, train and road with the main spanish cities. There are taxi ranks in the airport and in the train and bus station, and public bus ranks in the train and bus station.

By plane

Pamplona airport is located 6 km from Navarra’s capital city, about 10 minutes by car to the university. Airplane connections to Madrid and Barcelona are operated by Iberia.

By train

Consult timetable and routes in Renfe web. The train station is at about 20 minutes by car to the university.

Bus number 9 runs between the train station and the Public University of Navarra (Campus Arrosadia).

By bus

Several bus companies have regular routes to Pamplona. There are travel timetables for journeys to Pamplona available for users in the web of Pamplona bus station. This station is in the centre of the city, at about 10 minutes by car to the university.

Bus number 16 stops at the bus station. In order to go to the Workshop venue take this bus towards Beriain and change to bus number 11 at the next bus-stop.

By car

When arriving from the South (where those arriving from Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Huesca and the airport enter the city), the best thing to do is to take the turning off to the right which takes you first to the roundabout of the commercial centre and, continuing towards the city, to the Rector’s office roundabout.

When arriving from the West (Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastián, Logroño...) on Avenida de Navarra –old West Ring Road-, there are three options at the end of the Avenida, where it narrows towards the South exit: Madrid-Zaragoza in the centre, Cordovilla to the right and France-City centre to the left. Take the third lane and, passing beneath the flyover, carry on straight ahead to the roundabout near the university, from where it is signposted.

Urban transport in Pamplona

More information can be obtained at the web of urban transport in Pamplona.

Taxi phones

  • 948 23 23 00
  • 948 35 13 35
  • 948 22 12 12
  • 948 35 14 00



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